Boiler sprayed with powder enamelPowder enameling of hot water tanks

Porcelain enamel is become more and more fashionable as a protective coating for hot water tanks, like solar boilers and water heaters, since the availability of appropriate powder application equipment for such products.

The explanation for this global trend lays in the simplicity of the enameling process and a better product coating quality in combination with a reduced capital investment and lower enameling cost per product.

Click here for a typical plant layout of a modern enameling shop for boilers, based on powder application, and click here for a description the enameling process.

Thanks to close co-operation with partner companies, which are specialists in respectively shot blasting equipment, powder application, conveyor systems and furnaces, we may offer you a turnkey solution.

Please don't hesitate to contact us in case you are planning to establish a new enameling plant for boilers.

Click here for a general presentation on the benefits of powder enameling.

Description of enameling process
shot blaster for large solar boilers The boilers are loaded onto a conveyor near the testing station after the welding department and transported to the shot blaster.

They remain stationary in front of the sliding doors until this machine is ready for operation.

The doors will open automatically at the end of each cycle and the boilers will move to the blasting positions where they are clamped into a centering device.

During the first stage the boilers will be centered and rotated, while a rigid multi nozzle lance enters the product to blast the interior.

Remaining shot medium will be washed away by means of compressed air during the next stage.

At the end of this cycle boilers will be moved to the automatic powder application system, which also comprises of two stages.

At the first stage the boilers will be centered while the interior is sprayed with powder enamel by means of extended automatic guns mounted on a PLC controlled reciprocator.

At the second stage above described operation will be repeated in order to obtain the required enamel layer thickness.

An automatic transfer unit picks the boilers one-by-one from the pretreatment / application conveyor and places them carefully on the furnace conveyor.

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Last update on September 12, 2007.